Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inscription: Posting

Last week I briefly mentioned about my ventures into the glyph world. I want to elaborate a bit on that topic now. Playing on a server with heavy campers I didn't really get into the glyph scene but seeing the lack of them on my new high pop realm I decided to give it a go. In six days I posted 5 of every glyph with 48 hour intervals  and made approximately 2500g profit; these were mainly from the expensive ones. I was still cut down many times and saw that a large amount of my glyphs didn't sell at all and decided to adapt to the realm campers.

I posted another week , but this time instead of once every two days I posted twice every day - 10am and 10pm - and the outcome is this:

March 08 - 720g
March 10 - 610g
March 11 - 1200g
March 12 - 480g
March 13 - 1960g
March 14 - 2330g
March 15 - 1150g

That's  ~7250 gold . Herb / Parchment costs are ~1900g. That's 5350 gold for 20 minutes of work a day.
For max income from selling glyphs it's essential you know as many as possible. Buy up every Book of Glyph Mastery out there because they are insanely cheap these days. Good luck!

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